It’s much easier to get back into a routine now that I am back here in Phoenix. I still need to get caught up on sleep and get back to my 12,000 steps a day. And I still need to stop drinking and count my calories so I can lose the rest of the weight I need to lose.

I have so many goals and desires to improve myself. I bet that eliminating drinking would help immensely. But honestly, I don’t want to quit drinking because I like it too much. At the very least I should get back to counting calories so that I drink less. That will help a lot with my weight goals.

It’s almost 11a and I am having lunch with Dcn Gene today. I really love that he is our church administrator now. I think he is one of the best things that has happened to Queen of Peace. I’m so grateful that he is on our team now. He has such a great “can do” attitude and commitment to server and really build up the community and parish. We have needed someone like him to help us for years and he has finally arrived. Praise God!

It feels so good to be supported at QoP now. It feels great to have another driving force behind positive change and to be a part of a true team working toward a common goal.