The Backstory to By My Side

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Music | 0 comments

By My Side is about finding the people with whom we really connect – the people who will help us fulfill our purpose in this life. I wrote this song just over two years ago when I felt that Bohemian Insurgence was really taking shape: some parts of the song are romantic, and some plutonic.

There are romantic parts because my first bandmate in this journey is also my husband and bass player, Jorge.

“The amorous call from your eyes, heard in my inner soul
Our journeys finally collide, and I’m yours forevermore.”

Jorge and I met as engineers at General Dynamics. I remember when he used to stop at a cube (we worked in cubicles) nearby and he would kind of lean back a little bit so he could look at me, but he tried to be all sly about it. I could see the interest in his eyes, and that’s what sparked this line. We didn’t date until over 2 years after we met, but everyone at work thought were were an item. We hadn’t even kissed! But there was a lot of energy between us for sure.

“This fire awakened a passion, long left dormant; alone.
Now we explore, as companions, the infinite realm of our song”

There are two things that sparked my songwriting: meeting Jorge and going to the Newman Center. I started writing love songs because I fell so madly in love with Jorge. And the first time I went to the Newman Center, I felt that I had found a church home (finally) and that very night I started composing Christian songs, too. I knew my call was to be a songwriter.

This last line also reflects the journey with my bandmates, Emilio and Gilbert, as we write songs together under the trio Lion’s Eye. I hope to release our first single “Let the Night Take Us” this summer!

I always have SO many plans for my summer up in the PNW. I hope I can get just HALF the stuff accomplished that I want to do! But I have to remember always, that the journey is the reward, and I’m definitely enjoying this journey.