Have you even noticed that when you go to some random site to read a news article, a blog, or just shop, that you see advertising targeted toward your specific profession and/or hobbies? I don’t know that this happens with every web browser, but I use Google Chrome and I have noticed that many sites I frequent (local/national news, couponing, gardening, nerding, etc.) have ads targeted toward professional musicians! Now, I know that most sane people in the world are not musicians…

So I did a quick test:

I opened an “Incognito” window in my Google Chrome browser and tried to open the same link to said random site and voil??! Back to generic ads for KitchenAid dishwashers, stock buying/selling scams, and other random wares.

So after about 5 seconds of research I found that you can change this by opt-ing out of targeted advertising. It’s part of your browser plug-ins settings. You’ll have to install a painless plug-in called Abine TACO first (If you have Google Chrome). Google has an article about it here:
Abine TACO plug-in for Google Chrome

Apparently other browsers have this, too, which bring me to my next question: do i mind targeted advertising? Personally, I don’t think that I really care. I’m not an impulse buyer, anyway. So I wonder if maybe allowing the grand machine to promote things I could be interested in would possibly save me time in the long run: by introducing me to useful products or services ??for which I would not have otherwise known to look. Food for thought…