Today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent and while I love playing for the church, I’m a little stressed that time is flying by so quickly (as always). And I am also tired because I didn’t get home til after 2a from my gig last night. A lot of people came to the gig, though, and that was good and encouraging.

And I kept my promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any drinks last night. They are so expensive at Orange Sky! But that was an easy promise to keep because other people bought me a couple glasses of wine! Ha! But only two glasses in 6 hours is within acceptable limits for driving home.



My little dog is so funny.  She has this little rawhide chew that I gave her yesterday and she has been trying to hide it. I heard her digging around in the living room and I had to get up and see what in the world she was getting in to – normally she is so good – it is incredibly rare that she does something destructive, and even when she does, it’s usually that she chewed a single tissue or wrapper – no big deal.

So I was surprised to hear the commotion! And I found that she was trying to bury her toy within her own oversized bed! It was so cute! She was trying to “scoop dirt” over the toy by plowing her nose into her bed! She wasn’t satisfied with this, though, and proceeded to search around the house, chew in mouth, trying to find the perfect hiding place…

As a kid I remember seeing cartoons about dogs burying bones and such but I didn’t really understand because I had always only ever known the different mutts that our family owned. And none of those dogs had any sense. they were stupid hound dogs. Not bad dogs, per se, but just not bright.

Then, we got Hershey from one of the doctors my mom worked with when I was about 14. He has was half border collie and half cocker spaniel and he was SHARP. He would fetch instinctively and was very protective. I loved that dog.

It wasn’t until I learned that you pay for breeds to get the characteristics that you want in them. I’m so glad I was turned on to the miniature Schnauzer because it is such a perfect dog for me.


Now Emma is guarding the spot where she stored her little chew. How cute!

I’m glad and thankful that I’m actually able to observe this behavior in Emma. I’m glad that I’m not in such a rush to get to the next thing that I don’t have time to notice the interesting wonders happening all around me…