Jorge and I decided a couple years ago that we wanted to get into stop motion animation but neither of us had any idea where to begin.  We bought some software (Dragonframe) and he started trying to make a puppet.  We didn’t talk much about it – kinda kept it on the DL.

We went through several iterations of puppets – starting with wire frames cast in silicon (the wire broke too easily), and then Jorge tried making his own joints using hard plastic and a laser cutter.  The puppet above (and below) is like the 3rd edition of Sir Ott (the main character).   Well, you can possibly see that he has a cast on – because his wrist broke.

I’m still working with him – the cast kinda makes him even more real, I think.  You can check out the rough animation I made below:

Sir Ott Says Hi – First #StopMotion #animation test with #puppet from Rebecca De La Torre on Vimeo.