The patio and sprouts are coming along really well! It’s exciting to see improvements.

Here are the sprouts. I’m just watering them when the little overflow saucer gets dry. From bottom left, clockwise, the sprouts are marjoram, basil, and cilantro. Looking pretty good!

I’ve really cleaned up the main section of the back and am getting ready to finish the potted plants. Most of the potted plants will be herbs that I can bring inside in case of frost. I want to get some good ground cover plants, like maybe dichondra, but I have plenty of other things to do before deciding on that!

Here’s where I’m spending most of my time right now – on the side with the tangerine tree. ??I cleaned it all out and evened the soil and installed these pavers. I want to install jasmine on the fence side since it is mostly shaded, and something more sun-tolerant on the house side, like maybe even oregano. ??I’ve never really used this section to it’s fullest potential.?? It already feels so much nicer back here!

We all need hobbies that we enjoy to get our minds into a different space besides our work and the general worries and stresses of life. For me, gardening is definitely one of those things.