Psalm 39

“We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing…”

– Psalm 39:6


Sometimes I feel that it eludes me. But in the way I have dealt with various circumstances in my life, I can see that I do have a lot of hope in the Lord.

But how much of that is a true, spiritual hope, and how much is actually just my personality? After all, my motto could be summed up as “I’ll find a way or make one.”

Even Jorge said to me, when we first met over 13 years ago, that “you’re making your own path” – and so I have…

But is this just from an innate inner confidence or true trust in God? I think it’s a combination of both.

I truly believe that I can accomplish just about anything I want – *anything* but not *everything*

Anything implies focus in this context. Everything is impossible because there simply are not enough hours in the day, nor years in my life, nor energy in these fleeting hours that I *do* have.

I have been saying this for months now – I have to focus. I have so many interests. And everything is pulling me in different directions – like even right now I have to hurry up and rush off to play for a quinceañera and then rush to the studio to record and then rush home to get ready for a gig.

I imagine most people’s lives are like this these days… Not even just these days, but like it’s been this way for thousands of years! In Psalm 39, King David is writing about the same dilemma – rushing around.

History repeats itself, and humanity does not change after all.

And if that is true, then is humanity really worse that it was before? Is our world really “decaying” or “going to hell in a hand basket” (like my dad loves to say)?

Humanity hasn’t changed. We aren’t any better or any worse than we were thousands of years ago, and this fact is reflected in ancient writings. Maybe the only difference is that in the modern world heinous crimes bear too great of a penalty. Because of the systems and laws in place, overt atrocities aren’t worth the risk – the punishment is too great.

But I hope in humanity and I hope in God’s love to change individual hearts.

History does repeat itself. I see it in my own life just as we can read about it in the history of the world.

But one aspect of my personal history that I want to change is my busyness. And I am constantly onslaught with requests for my time and attention. I need to have the few select things that I want to focus my life on, and then anything else that doesn’t fit into those goals will have to be cut.