Return to the Tiny House in the PNW

We just barely got back up here a week ago and it’s taken a while to get settled. Our internet is NEVER working when we get back, and this year is, no exception. Unfortunately we only have the option of CenturyLink or StarLink, but I can’t justify the overheard for StarLink when we’re only up here 3 months out of the year.

It was funny when the amazon driver a few days ago said “I’ve heard about this container house! This is really cool!” Apparently we have built up a reputation for ourselves over the years. Just don’t tell the County, lol

Natalia is having trouble adjusting. Actually, for a 3 year old she’s doing great, but I can tell it’s a lot for her. It also doesn’t help that she only really speaks Spanish. I enrolled her in an independent dance class for 3-5 year olds but it seems that she isn’t quite ready. She cried and I had to be in the class with her. I want to have her in the summer camp, but I really need to be able to get some work done and I also don’t want to burden with teacher with a student who is both challenging and doesn’t understand English all that well.

Raising a bilingual child is tough when all the opportunities are in English. I’m trying to get her ready for preschool which she will start just two days a week in September when we get back to Phoenix. I also want her to be able to do the gym classes solo since she’s technically old enough, but not understanding English that well is definitely a barrier.

Still, I don’t regret it a moment.

Anything worth achieving is gonna be hard work. We just have to keep going a push through the dip and eventually it will get easier.

The preschool she is starting has a teacher who is a native Spanish speaker. I made the school promise to put Natalia in her class, because that’s the only way she’s got a chance. She’s really a great kid, albeit challenging to parent. It seems like she is just like me – my exact same personality. Poor thing.