Second Album Release “Incognito” – Deeply Personal Self Reflection on Survival

PHOENIX, Ariz. (April 2, 2013) – Singer-composer and pianist Rebecca De La Torre announced her latest full-length album, Incognito, is releasing May 11, 2013. A release party and live concert event will take place the same day.

The eclectic LP infuses elements of pop, rock, country and blues influences. All 13 songs on the album are original compositions with lyrics written by executive producer T. Siering and music composed by De La Torre. The album is described as a personal reflection on the struggles, survival, and redemption of De La Torre’s life.

“The diversity of music styles on my album is a meditation on the twists and turns of life and the experiences that shape the person we eventually become,” said De La Torre. “Mr. Siering and I wanted to make music that a lot of people could identify with.”

“Incognito is my first true collaborative effort,” continued De La Torre. “The process has taught me a lot about songwriting and producing music from my soul that truly represents the lyrics.”

After dedicating 15 months to the writing and pre-production of the album, including close to 20 demo recordings and a new music video, De La Torre recorded the final tracks in Nashville, Tennessee at RCA Studio A. Eighteen months later, with the help of established producer Tim Carroll, De La Torre and Siering are ready to deliver Incognito to the world.

The album tells the story of overcoming a physically abusive relationship and the struggle that arises with self-doubt. De La Torre put her musical dreams on hold for years, taking a 180-degree turn by becoming a programming engineer and living an artist-diminishing nine to five existence. Later she decided to pursue music, and years of playing lonely gigs and struggling to be recognized is represented in the musical journey of her album. Incognito is a metaphor for stepping out of the shadows with music that is dark, mysterious, and illuminating, expressing depths of passion and fantasy consistent with her personal artistic journey.

Incognito will be available on iTunes,, and Spotify on Saturday, May 11, 2013. The live concert and release party will take place the same day from 7:00-10:00 pm at El Santo Cantina in Scottsdale, Arizona. Autographed CDs will be available for purchase. Admission to the event is FREE.

Track listing for the Incognito LP:
1. Just Another Word
2. Velvet Rope
3. Incognito
4. Hotter Than Hell
5. Ghost of Me
6. Shattered Glass
7. These Times
8. Black Dog
9. Harbinger
10. Full Moon
11. Towers
12. Darker When You’re Alone
13. Before I Go

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Rebecca De La Torre Incognito Cover art

Incognito – LP Album Cover

About Rebecca De La Torre
Rebecca De La Torre is quickly becoming the quintessential singer, songwriter and pianist of her generation. An all-around musician, Rebecca’s incredible talent for pop, jazz, Latin/salsa and R&B is perfecting how music is performed. Whether she is alone with her piano singing the latest radio hits, in a duo or trio or moving and shaking the crowd with the Rebecca De La Torre Band, she captivates her audience with her beauty, musical expression and range.