Ready for the gigMarch 1st, 2012

Since this is my first blog entry I guess I need to introduce this. I really want to make this my online journal. Dangerous, I know, but WAY more interesting!

I’m on vacation now in Flagstaff – skiing tomorrow! I’m so stoked. I absolutely love to ski and do all kinds of active things like that. More on that later.

I’ve also started to take belly dancing classes! I know it seems kinda nuts but we were at the Renaissance Faire on President’s day and paid for seats at the King’s Feast – dude it was a little pricey but SO worth it. The entertainment was excellent and the food was great and of course there were belly dancers! I was totally mesmerized by them! Even I saw all the dudes just eating or whatever and I couldn’t take my eyes off these chicas. And they ranged from skinny to pretty big but the ALL looked absolutely beautiful. I told Jorge I would love to be a belly dancer and he suggested I take a class. I searched online and found a studio near me with classes on my day off and the rest is history!

Part of why I mention this is because I went shopping in the cute little boutique stores in Flag and one of them called Animas Trading Company at 1 E Aspen Ave in Flagstaff. The had some of the cutest clothes which aren’t necessarily for belly dancing but will work out well!

We also stopped for sushi at Karma Sushi ( just around the corner from the boutique and we just had the miso soup, edamame, salmon nigiri, salmon sashimi, and the spider roll. EVERYTHING was perfect. The spider roll was well presented and perfectly crispy on the ends (LOVE me some soft shell crab!) and the salmon was so fresh and the cuts were a little large for the price (a definite plus).

Looking forward to skiing tomorrow!