Paige - looking upAlthough I was unaware at the time it happened, while I was in Nashville my favorite dog of all time, Paige, died of a heart attack. My husband Jorge was here with her when she died in the wee hours of December 10th.

Jorge didn’t tell me.

I was in Nashville on a 2+ week trip to record my first full length album, a culmination of over a year’s songwriting collaboration with an affluent lyricist. Jorge was worried that it would interfere with my ability to perform.

He was right.

Finally, on Dec 20th, he called me in the morning on my way to the studio and wanted to talk – but he wanted to see me, so he asked me to use Skype. Now until this point I really had no reason to use Skype so it wasn’t installed ion my iPad. After much hemming and hawing I finally got it installed, annoyed at what in the world could be so important that he HAD to see me.

When he told me, face full of tears, that she was dead, I wailed. I was a wreck for a few days and it was hard to finish up the project bust most if it was done by then.

Coming home to find no Paige brought all the hurt back again. She would always squeak with excitement when we got home. But this time the back yard was silent.

I wanted to share a few pics of Paige that I love as sort of a memorial to her. She was SUCH a great dog. She was super sweet and so incredibly obedient.

The video below illustrates her awesome personality. I had just bought a flip HD video recorder and was trying to test it out:

Here is Paige as a “doggie taco” – where Jorge would wrap her up in a blanket for fun. She was a great sport.

Goodbye. Pagie.