Lady Oh My Gaga Oscars 2015Whether you are a fan of Lada Gaga or not, most of us will agree that she’s somewhat crazy – but maybe in a genius kind of way considering her incredible display of talent at the Oscar’s this weekend. Personally, being a singer myself, I’ve known that she has incredible skill and talent, but it was nice to see and hear that demonstrated to the world in a more tangible way (i.e. she’s dressed and made up like a “normal” person for one).

One thing I can’t understand is how some other celebrities would actually publicly hate on her performance. It was beautiful, NOT over-sung (like so many pop artists like to do), delivered with excellent inflection and such class – hands down, a stunning performance. But we all know, haters gonna hate.

Lady Gaga & Julie Andrews - Oscars 2015

I’ve known from the first time I ever heard her that Lady Gaga is the REAL DEAL. How? Because in a world of auto-tune and studio magic, Lady Gaga can still deliver an incredible LIVE ACOUSTIC performance. (I can think of another “crazy” pop star who sounds LAME-O without her background tracks, especially on the powerful, belting performances.) But with Lady Gaga, you can find example after example of live, acoustic performances where she NAILS it.

Besides the fact that her Julie Andrews tribute was so tastefully and beautifully done, I was happy to see her looking MUCH healthier than the days of the meat bikini. She actually has muscles on her arms now and looks more beautiful than ever! Kudos to you, Lady G!

Lady Gaga meat bikini vs Oscars 2015

Lady Gaga meat bikini vs Oscars 2015