A Beautiful morning in Phoenix, AZ

What a beautiful morning! only 75 degrees! I actually have the doors open it’s so nice out right now. And it’s not too dry, either.

I have to leave soon to play for a funeral at QoP. And I just saw this poem from the 18th century that I want to make into a gospel song – Jesus, the name that charms all fears. Very cool! I want it to sound like an old skool gospel hymn. I think that would be sweet!

I really need to change my  life. I am drinking too much again. I don’t even know why. It’s like a bad habit. I will never get in the shape I want by continuing along this route. I weight 140 right now, which is better than I’ve been in a while, but I had gotten down to 138 so this is disappointing.

I know I can do this. I guess I just haven’t decided to make it important enough.

I imagine that the Apostle Paul felt the same way. I do have consolation in his words when he says that he does when he knows he shouldn’t do and he doesn’t do what he knows he should. I bet he felt like a hypocrite because I sometimes do. Not before other people necessarily but before God. I feel like I am a failure and a fraud. How does he continue to put up with me?

Because His grace is sufficient for me…