Forced Disconnect

Regardless of the fact that I spent plenty of time on the phone with CenturyLink to schedule our internet being turned on when we got here, it was not ready. And not only that, but the work order was completely wrong so they had to create a new one…. and the wait time was 2 weeks out.

Being forced to disconnect from my work for 2 weeks was brutal, but a good exercise overall. I spent more time with Natalia (not that she has any shortage of time with “mama”) and I had time to think about my goals and purpose.

I’m still trying to figure out my goals. As I look at the goals i set back in January, I realize that at least half of them are unrealistic. And some, though not definitely not vague, are still not specific enough for me to condense them down into daily tasks. Either that, or i just don’t know how to do it.

But now that our internet *finally* go turned back on, I feel like I’m back in the game!

Still working on those goals, but definitely getting closer…

This pic is from today in my little project studio here in the PNW. Composed two new songs today! Love making progress!