These past three weeks have really been a whirlwind. We went in to the hospital to have a procedure done (called an ECV – External Cephalic Version) to turn Natalia from breech to head-down position so I could have a natural birth. But the procedure failed and Natalia’s heart rate didn’t recover very well, so we ended up with an urgent C-section. How ironic to go to the hospital for a procedure specifically to *avoid* a C-section, and to end up with a C-section!

AND a beautiful child!! Natalia was ushered into the world unexpectedly, but welcomed with open arms and so much love.

The main thing is that I wasn’t prepared. There was only a 0.9% chance of this type of outcome (yes, that’s a ZERO before the decimal point) – i.e. less than 1% chance…. while the chances of the procedure being successful were only 50% (which would mean that we return home and schedule a C-section for the following week or so), there was less than 1% chance of an *adverse* outcome – like needing an urgent C-section. So I didn’t have a change of clothes or plans in place to cover for us being in the hospital for 4 days… and I’m a serious planner!! But I wasn’t ready for this! Thankfully everything worked out and we got things taken care of and I have been able to recover well from the surgery.

I wasn’t worried about the 0.9%, even though I fell into that tiny percentage after all…. and you know what? There is an even greater chance that someone who is exposed to COVID will die from the disease. An unfortunately, Jorge was exposed to COVID by a coworker (who came to work and didn’t disclose that his wife had a fever for several days), and caught the virus. He has been battling a fever between 99.5-101.8 for a week…

So please forgive me for delaying in updating you on our status, but I’ve just been trying to keep my head above water. And Jorge’s first Father’s Day was so sad… he is in quarantine and can’t even hold his baby girl. I thank God that I was crazy enough to install a glass window pane between my home office and living room several years ago when I bought this little townhouse – because now, thanks to that window, Jorge is at least able to safely see us as he recovers.

PLEASE keep us in your prayers, thoughts, good vibes or whatever you practice spiritually, because we need that more than anything!

I promise to send another update within the week.

God bless you!!