Easter Monday

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The Cathedral Organ pipes at SS Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix

I never knew that today was called “Easter Monday” until just a few days ago when I happened to see it in my Apple calendar app, already pre-labeled as a “holiday”

Yesterday I played for 5 masses, one was at the Cathedral at 9a in Spanish with the soon-to-be new rector there. I like that now I can say I played at the Cathedral, but I was really just playing a beat up old Yamaha keyboard in the Hall. But Dcn Doug was so welcoming and kind that I felt right at home. The mass went well and Fr Camou said the music was beautiful. It’s no secret that I would *love* the opportunity to play the MAGNIFICENT pipe organ there in the Cathedral sanctuary. (My ulterior motives exposed)

The organ console at SS Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix

Soooo after sunrise mass at 6a (I had to be there at 5a to set up the sound system outside), 9a at the Cathedral, and the 11a, 4p, and 6p back at Queen of Peace, I was exhausted. Two glasses of wine and I was out cold…

…until the Bean woke me up, of course! She’s going through another fussy phase where she’s barely sleeping 12 hours total each day (that includes naps). But she’s starting to speak more and point at everything and even stand on her own! (not pulling to stand – she’s been doing that for several months already but standing up from sitting)

Now that the Easter season has started, I feel less stress. But “The Oven” is coming on, full blast now, and thus being the perpetual state of sweat. Sometimes it’s so bad that I have to take two showers in a single day. Only April 4th but it was already 97ºF yesterday. Ugh

…I have to be honest. I’m dreaming about that crazy-ass pipe organ at the Cathedral. I hope I get to play it soon. Read more about it here.