I have a confession to make: I have GREAT anxiety about visiting the doctor. When I need to go, I stress about it and mill over it in my head for hours.

I’m not afraid of needles. I’m not afraid of sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of sickly people. I’m not afraid of someone looking in my eyes, nose, ears, or throat. I’m afraid of…

…the SCALE.


I stress and fret for HOURS about how I’m gonna have to get on that scale and be weighed. I swear it will add a good 5 lbs over what my home scale says. I ALWAYS weigh myself – WITH my clothes on – before I leave the house, so that I know what to expect… or do I??

But that doesn’t help. They call me back… I know the first stop is at the scale. My heart starts pounding… I make sure to offload every extra thing I’m carrying: sunglasses, jacket, shoes – anything to tilt the scales in my favor! (Pun intended!) And then I step on and I swear I hear this huge “cluck” like the think just broke. And I don’t let the nurse adjust the weight – NO WAY, I do it myself! And then it finally settles onto some number about 5 lbs higher than I thought I weighed, and I bitch and complain about how they need to get their scale checked….

Does anyone else feel this way or am I crazy??

The cartoons below best illustrate my anxiety!