Bohemian Insurgence

I’m kindof in a funk lately – I had to have surgery this week and it wasn’t fun.  I’m still coming off the anesthesia and I am having mood swings – crying a lot.  Maybe it’s because of the reason I had to have surgery.  It’s pretty creepy.  I’ll probably talk about it when I feel comfortable.  But as for now I was to keep it to myself and let it process a little more.

Since I’ve been laying around the house, recovering, I did have a chance to work on the video from Last Friday at the Tempe Festival of the Arts where my new group, Bohemian Insurgence, debuted. THAT was a fun gig. Here’s a “latin jazz” sample from the gig that I recently put on youTube:

I’ve been so behind on work lately.  But I will try to get a lot more videos online soon. Thanks for reading!