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Catholic Wedding Mass Samples

Below are full recordings of songs I frequently play for Catholic wedding masses. These recordings will provide you with an excellent example of how I sound live – singing and playing piano.

1. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/PrayerofStFrancis.mp3″ text=”Prayer of St Francis (Sarah McLachlan)” dl=”0″]

2. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/BeStillandKnow.mp3″ text=”Be Still and Know (Stephen Curtis Chapman)” dl=”0″]

3. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/AveMaria.mp3″ text=”Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)” dl=”0″]

4. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/Breathe.mp3″ text=”Breathe (Marie Barnett)” dl=”0″]

5. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/Enough.mp3″ text=”Enough (Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio)” dl=”0″]

6. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/Psalm145TheLordIsNear.mp3″ text=”Psalm 145: The Lord Is Near (Tom Booth)” dl=”0″]

7. [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/mp3s/CatholicWedding/HowGreatIsOurGod.mp3″ text=”How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin, et al)” dl=”0″]