I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past three years really trying to define what is my authentic, unique sound. I think I’ve begun to really achieve it, finally, and it’s a blend of my jazz and Americana/folk/soul roots.

This is part of why my June 8th release is so important. I REALLY hope to have a good turnout. Although I’ve had some fun releases over the years, none of them had my own lyrics in almost 8 years, so they didn’t accurately represent my true artistry. Those who have been with me since my debut album “I’m Coming Home” will recognize the shift.

I have learned a ton over the past eight years, being blessed to have have recorded in multi-million dollar studios in Nashville and with all of the best equipment and engineers. Now, with my improved skills as a producer and engineer, my music is receiving the high quality treatment that I believe it deserves.

I had a hard time choosing a venue for this release because I wanted one that best reflected the blend of influences that I feel have inspired my music. And after reviewing over a dozen potential music venues in the valley I chose The Nash – because organic instruments, improvisation, authenticity and vulnerability are really what make up my own music. Although I do not believe my music is categorized as “jazz”, it is definitely “jazz-influenced” and the show we are putting together is a 50/50 mix of my original music and a fresh take on latin/jazz standards.

Imagine Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” as a Venezuelan Merengue (a style that is also in 5/4 as opposed to the Dominican Merengue in 4/4). Or Edith Piaf’s “Sous le Ciel de Paris” done as a son montuno (i.e. Cuban Salsa)… These are just a couple of examples of the delicious interpretations we have been preparing at the release show on June 8th, in addition to my heartfelt folk/latin/world originals. It’s gonna be a great show!

Tickets will go on sale in a few days and I’ll be emailing everyone on my list as soon as they are ready.

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