Rebecca De La Torre in Nashville, Vocal overdubsIt looks like we are getting everything squared away for a May release of the LP!! I’m very excited and passionately engaged with this endeavor. After working for so long over the past year with my songwriting partner, it will be nice to finally release this music out to the world.

He and I agreed on a few lyric changes and remixing that required a quick trip up to Nashville in the middle of my vacation to my cabin in the deep woods of Alabama. Due to the fact that the studio we rented (RCA studio A, aka Ben’s studio – as in Ben Folds) was only available two days I didn’t have much choice about when to drive up. Thankfully everything went well. It was awesome to see the engineers again and make the changes. We had everything wrapped up in about 6 hours.

We’re still finalizing the details for the release but we will be announcing it soon! We are looking at May and hope to have a big ol’ bash to celebrate. Stay tuned… ๐Ÿ™‚

Rebecca De La Torre in Nashville, Vocal overdubs