Things are coming along slowly but surely in the back yard. I’m excited to get it cleaned up so I can start planting in September when it gets a little cooler. Right now it’s a pretty stressful time for the plants because it’s so hot out.

Here’s the narrow side with the tangerine tree – a lot more cleaned up than before!

I’m looking to plant Jasmine and Mexican heather over here. I think that both will do well in the shade. Maybe a little table and chairs here, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the main section with the ash tree. I will eventually have this part full of potted plants and herbs, especially those sensitive to frost. That way I can just bring them in for the nights when it’s freezing.

And the basil is sprouting! I’m excited to get basil again. Hopefully within about a month it will be strong enough to transplant outside. It prefers a lot of sun!

20130823 Sweet Basil sprouts