“So you’re starving yourself today?”

That’s the encouragement I get from my husband when he realized that the breakfast I just made is only for him. That’s because I recently turned 40, and since I was up to a ridiculous 157 lbs, I decided that it was time for a serious lifestyle change.

Here’s my “before” pics – and believe me, I feel about as shitty as I look:

Most of my adult life I have weighed around 125 lbs. It was only about 5 years ago that I started to get up into the 130s and I hovered around there for a while. But I never made any serious changes to my life, and if you don’t change direction you’ll keep going in the same direction, and for me that was more weight gain.

I’m actually pretty disgusted with myself right now. I can hardly believe I’ve let myself get this bad off. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, I’m making some drastic changes. The 5:2 diet is one step, the other is quitting drinking.

The 5:2 Fast Diet

The 5:2 Fasting Diet is very appealing to me because I know it is something I can do easily and it’s sustainable. I especially like that there is (what I would consider) a decent amount of research on the health benefits of this diet – reduced cancer risk, better energy levels, and potentially greater lifespan to name a few.  I’ll be sharing my struggles with this plan over the course of the net year right here.

Quit the Drink

I’ve been drinking too much for about the last 6 years, give or take periods of abstinence, the longest being 30 days straight. There are a lot of reasons for this, I’m sure, but the main thing is that I need to face the stresses of life head-on. So I’m cutting back on drinking significantly for my 40th year as a mature adult. I need to cut back to no more than one or two days a week.

Bring it on.