New Single “Love’s Shining Out”

Listen to Rebecca’s latest single, released June 1st, 2018, “Love’s Shining Out”

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Live with Bohemian Insurgence

Check out the latest videos of Rebecca performing live with her band, Bohemian Insurgence.

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Life updates, current events, cabin building, cooking, gardening and all-around musings and life-hacking.

  • It takes a lot of courage to share your deepest thoughts and fears and failures on a blog like this. I’ve never really opened myself up to criticism as

  • “So you’re starving yourself today?” That’s the encouragement I get from my husband when he realized that the breakfast I just made is only for him. Tha

  • A lot of people have asked me how in the world I left a lucrative 6-figure engineering career to be a full-time working musician. Well, it was hard and

Rebecca De La Torre @topkittykat
RT @Hasaniwalker: #ChristopherRobin now in theaters! #Disney #Tigger #piglet #Eeyore #story #hundedacrekingdom #n…
Rebecca De La Torre @topkittykat
RT @bazsells: Our @Indiegogo page now features a 'Behind The Scenes' section. Up first, we look at the design process of The Inventor, from…

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