New Single “Love’s Shining Out”

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Live with Bohemian Insurgence

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Life updates, current events, cabin building, cooking, gardening and all-around musings and life-hacking.

  • This weekend was an absolute BLAST playing with my band Bohemian Insurgence!!  We had a fun string of gigs starting Friday at Tempe Center for the Arts,

  • I was Working on making new percussion instruments out of seeds from the Texas Laurel tree and got tired of drilling holes in the seeds and wanted to ma

  • Jorge and I decided a couple years ago that we wanted to get into stop motion animation but neither of us had any idea where to begin.  We bought some s

Rebecca De La Torre @topkittykat
Digging this! #trippel #daydrinking #OnVacation #SeattleILoveYou
Rebecca De La Torre @topkittykat
Wow, #Seattle you're changing so much, I hardly recognize you anymore... #nofilter #pikesplacemarket…

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